Sunday, 22 July 2007

Harry Potter and the Torrential Downpour

Last Friday night while some were facing a sleepless night I was at the late midnight opening for the Deathly Hallows*.

Now I wasn't there to buy a book as I don't really like Harry Potter that much, well that's not true I do like it I just think it could be better, instead I was there to keep my friend company. Friend X is a big Potter fan and I was there to stop her getting lonely in the long queue and also to make sure she didn't trample a small child in the rush to get to the book and the mystical secrets it held.

Friend X as we arrived outside Waterstones.

Now considering that it was in the process of pouring twice the usual month's worth of rainfall in twelve hours right over our heads you might expect the turnout to suffer a little.

We got a ticket with a number 80 and went to join the crowds, people were still coming in after us, and there was a queue outside the door by the time we left.

Looking around I found something I coveted much more than the new Potter but, but as I was worried about getting funny looks if I went up with anything but a Deathly Hollows book (and I didn't have £70 handy) I thought better of it.

It certainly has a prettier cover.

Then all of a sudden it was midnight and they started letting the huddled muggle masses up to the top floor.

Being number 80 we had to wait about a half hour to get called up (by which time I had managed to dissuade friend X from uniting the crowd to overthrow the lone security guard and save the books from their imprisonment).

And with a quick exchange of reservation tickets the prize was won!

Friend X, a blur of commerce motion.

On leaving the nice people of Waterstones gave us glow sticks, in case we fancied hitting a rave on the way home. We decided instead to practice out magic.

The spoils of our battle

*Well if you ignore differing times zones that is.

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