Sunday, 7 September 2008

My cynicism is usually warranted

I may have been a bit on the harsh side with my prediction of four months for the Anime Central channel. Turns out they were just shy of a year. Mind you if you take away the months where they only had two shows running...

Is this another of the symptoms of Anime's current economic trouble in the west? Who knows? Maybe if they didn't sell a six episode series for £50 they'd have better luck (yes I know it's very good but still).

In case you were wondering I did come around to Fullmetal Alchemist eventually (it's not that great, but there's some nice touches in there), Planetes was perhaps a little overstretched at 26 episodes (I eventually lost track and missed a fair few at the end, partly the problem of having a daily showing that includes weekends), GiTS:SAC grew on me and I just went ahead and bought the second season on DVD (which in contrast to that earlier DVD pricing was very reasonable), and I fell really hard for Gundam Seed (must have been all the melodrama, or maybe I just really love the colour pink?).

Saturday, 6 September 2008

Wait, that's not arousing?

Sometimes (read: when I've been talking to Sam) I get the idea that I should try my hand at drawing some pornography. It might turn out to be a good way to drum up some new submissions after all. Now with this in mind we went looking for a porn equivalent of DeviantArt or similar as that would seem to be where the people who would be willing to pay us are most likely to hang out.

Having found one I looked through the Ratings and Advisory Policy on labels an artist should have on their work, and after getting past the expected Nudity, Sexual Content, and the like, I reached this -

Racism refers to the depiction of racist themes, bigorty, or hatred from one race to another. This applies both to the picture itself as well as any views put forth by the artist in their description. Mild - May depict symbols or objects commonly associated with racist themes (such as a Nazi swastika or the so-called "Rebel Flag"). Moderate - May include depictions of racist acts not including actual violence. High - For depictions of actual racist violence.

The next label was for Spoilers.

Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Fiery Parental Sri Lankan Doom!

My parents have decided to take a holiday in the "resplendent land" of Sri Lanka for a couple of weeks, and to take my mind off the fact that there will be people actively trying to kill them I'm going to think about some of the funner aspects of that troubled country. The Ramayana.

They taught us about the Ramayana story in Junior school and while not a lot of it stuck I do remember that it's about a guy who teams up with a superpowered monkey god(I love those guys) to get his girlfriend back from a ten headed demon king. Which was a damn sight more entertaining than any of the Christian parables we got taught.

Okay I'm still a little concerned, this is going to take the Ramayana story as acted out by Devendra Banhart and Natalie Portman.

Ah well, if the Tamil Tigers get them at least I'll get the house.