Sunday, 7 September 2008

My cynicism is usually warranted

I may have been a bit on the harsh side with my prediction of four months for the Anime Central channel. Turns out they were just shy of a year. Mind you if you take away the months where they only had two shows running...

Is this another of the symptoms of Anime's current economic trouble in the west? Who knows? Maybe if they didn't sell a six episode series for £50 they'd have better luck (yes I know it's very good but still).

In case you were wondering I did come around to Fullmetal Alchemist eventually (it's not that great, but there's some nice touches in there), Planetes was perhaps a little overstretched at 26 episodes (I eventually lost track and missed a fair few at the end, partly the problem of having a daily showing that includes weekends), GiTS:SAC grew on me and I just went ahead and bought the second season on DVD (which in contrast to that earlier DVD pricing was very reasonable), and I fell really hard for Gundam Seed (must have been all the melodrama, or maybe I just really love the colour pink?).

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