Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Fiery Parental Sri Lankan Doom!

My parents have decided to take a holiday in the "resplendent land" of Sri Lanka for a couple of weeks, and to take my mind off the fact that there will be people actively trying to kill them I'm going to think about some of the funner aspects of that troubled country. The Ramayana.

They taught us about the Ramayana story in Junior school and while not a lot of it stuck I do remember that it's about a guy who teams up with a superpowered monkey god(I love those guys) to get his girlfriend back from a ten headed demon king. Which was a damn sight more entertaining than any of the Christian parables we got taught.

Okay I'm still a little concerned, this is going to take the Ramayana story as acted out by Devendra Banhart and Natalie Portman.

Ah well, if the Tamil Tigers get them at least I'll get the house.


chigs said...

How nice to see Russel Brand expanding his repotoire... (fnar fnar...)

As a more general comment - WHUT? O__o

Sam said...

In response to your Twittering, Ghost in the Shell does actually get shorter every time you watch it. It's been proved by scientists, who were using science.