Friday, 22 February 2008

Some girly drawings

Drawn from a photo as anatomy practice, and another excuse to try out drawing straight into photoshop.

Don't judge me.

Wanted to try colouring straight from pencils, also to try tracing over a rough I drew digitally and then printed out.

The Rough The Pencils

I regret putting the boots on her; a) They make the picture look more pervy than I would like, b) They caused me to fuck up the anatomy on her left calf and ankle, and c) I didn't draw them very well.

Inspired by characters from the Cerebus book I was reading, also wanted to try out the whole Josh Middleton Ligne-claire pencil thing.

She origially had feet but I drew the ankles so badly that I had to crop them off.

FLCL fan art based on those rad new Bond hardback covers.

More referenced drawings from my large collection of pervy photographs.

I liked the pose because it reminded me of a Brandon Graham drawing.

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