Monday, 10 March 2008

Recent fanart

Clickee makee the bigger.

Cameron from Terminator - The Sarah Jane Adventures. I'm not too certain on the series at the moment but there was a really sweet promotional photo (this one) of the cast in this month's SFX.

I didn't have any reference for the skull so that may be a bit off. Also I overplayed the texture, but it would have looked really dull otherwise.

A comics adaptation of a song/music video/film, which is woefully pretentious (even for me), but I had some stuff to try out and this seemed the best way.

The backgrounds were traced in photoshop, but they're photos I took so I'm not a complete hack/thief.


Fanart for FreakAngels which I enjoy.

Tried something new (with a bit of a Cerebus infuence) for the orignal black and blue piece and then decided to colour it.

People probably won't get who the kid in the picture is a reference to.

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Sam The Great And Powerful said...

It's clear you're not sure about the Terminator series because you don't know what it's called.

El oh el, internets.