Thursday, 10 April 2008

Buh-buh-buh-Bristol 2008

Yes in a just month's time me and the gang will be at The Bristol Comics Convention. As nothing particularly horrific happened last time we'll have a table again where you'll be able to buy our stuff, if any of them have any stuff this year that is, you'll have to ask them -

Chris G
Andy Silver
Zak Symmonds-Hurn
Rob 'The Rascal' Garrett


I'll have copies of my new rambling, incoherent, and more than a little whiny mini-comic Alpha Waves for sale (provided I finish it in time) and, in the unlikely event that someone email's me requesting a particular piece, some prints.

So come and say hi before moving onto Kate and Paul's table to steal their smarties.

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Chigs! said...

Your links be busted - but the thought is there

And no, back to watching the countdown... >__>