Tuesday, 24 June 2008


I require money to exchange for goods and services, and am offering you the chance to give me money.

I'm opening myself up for commisions. They break down like this -


A black and white upper body shot

A black and white full body shot

Add an extra five of your english pounds for colour -
As so and so


For a scene;backgrounds, multiple characters (within reason), fights, hugs, etc. etc. - Like this or this

And again add five pounds for colour -
As so and so

After you email me (matthew_allen_smith@hotmail.co.uk) and give me a description I'll draw a pencil rough. When you're happy with that you can pay me (via pay pal in most instances) and I'll get to work on the final piece and send it to you as a high resolution digital file.

I can send original artwork and prints through the post to, but I'd like to do this to as near to cost as possible and I'm completely sure what that cost is.

I can also draw more complex scenes, gig posters, album covers, and the like at an arranged price working on that £5 price grading scheme.

I will draw comics pages but can't give a definite price without having a look at what you'd want first.

I will draw anything that doesn't freak me out and/or get me thrown in gitmo.

And depending on how I'm feeling at the time I may offer a discount to Americans to compensate for the exchange rate.

A fellow of my acquaintance already ordered this to promote a radio show he's doing -

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