Monday, 20 August 2007

Crossing Midnight Intrigue!

So a few years ago I made some mini-comics for the Bristol Comic-con on the subject of Enjo Kosai (Colour digital versions here here here here and here, and yes they are a little cheesy in places, not to mention some awful artwork, but I was young, well slightly younger...). Mostly I just gave them to people who's stuff I liked. Years pass and as one in roughly five people who read Mike Carey's Crossing Midnight I had a look at the solicitation for August when DC put them up and saw this -

Written by Mike Carey
Art by Eric Nguyen
Cover by J.H. Williams III
Beginning a new storyline with guest art by Eric Nguyen (SANDMAN MYSTERY THEATRE)! Having arrived in Tokyo, Kai falls in with the enjokosai — middle- to high-school-age girls who go on dates for money. No sex is required, and in Japan, it’s completely legal. But a supernatural slasher is voicing disapproval in the bloodiest ways imaginable…
On sale August 22 • 32 pg,

Well one of the people I gave a mini-comic to was, yes, Mike Carey. Now it's pretty unlikely that he remembers it (I doubt anyone actually read those things), and I'd assume that he just found the information while researching the culture, but just maybe I influenced a Vertigo storyline, and that'd be pretty cool!

Please note: I'm not accusing Mike Carey of stealing my intellectual property or anything equally silly as they were meant to be educational, plus I'm not sure why anyone would want to steal those ideas in the first place.

Full report after I've gone to my local comics emporium in a few weeks.

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