Thursday, 2 August 2007

TeamSmithy recommends... Crecy

Scene: The Headmasters office of a small public school in Essex during the early 1980's.

Headmaster - Now Warren, do you know why you're here?
Warren - No sir?
Headmaster - Hmm, I think you do Warren, your history teacher came to speak to me earlier.
Warren - My history teacher sir?
Headmaster - Yes Warren, he tells me that you've defaced your text book.
Warren - Well I thought it could do with some livening up sir.
Headmaster - You seem to have scrawled a large number of offensive words over the text.
Warren - Offensive words sir?
Headmaster - Yes Warren, some particularly offensive words.
Warren - You mean like cu...
Headmaster - Yes that one stands out, you seem to have used it a lot.
Warren - Well they would have used it all time in those days sir.
Headmaster - That may well be true Warren, but the history lesson is no place for such language. On the same subject, while this drawing of the death of Edward the Second may well be accurate, I think you know that it also isn't suitable for the classroom. Do you understand Warren?
Warren - I think so sir, history can be very interesting, but I shouldn't let that interfere with me learning about it. Is that right sir?
Headmaster - Hmmm. While you're here Warren you wouldn't also care to explain why we found these cigarettes in your blazer pocket would you?
Warren - I'm as surprised as you are sir, I thought I'd smoked them all at lunch sir.

Fun and informative, it'd be really quite nice if Ellis did a whole series of these, I think he has a little too much on his plate at the moment though, pity.

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