Friday, 3 April 2009

Return from the Thing!

I had a fun ol’ time at the London Thing last Saturday. After the agonizingly slow start me, Gould, and Joel (who appeared to be cosplaying as a luchadore bank manager) got into the groove. We were also sharing the table with theses awesome Sugar Skull badges Joel’s sister makes, I love those things. If we’re back next year we should totally have a Mexican Day of Dead theme on the table!

It’s nice to be able to pick up comics from the cartoonists themselves without having to wade through a shambling group of slack jawed Joker nurses. I didn’t take any photos because I prefer to save space on my camera memory card for more important London sights like the filled in crack at the Tate Modern (which I find strangely hilarious) but there’s a nice con report with pics on The Super Comics Adventure Squad Blog.

And now here’s links to some of the cool stuff I bought.

Roger Langridge

Knuckles The Malevolent Nun: Special 1
Mugwhump The Great: The Show Must Go On

(I hope my local comic place gets some copies of the Muppet book through the grey market soon…)

Caroline Parkinson

Do Not Feed the Bear

Kate Beaton

Bigger Ruffs for Everyone
(Yes, I was one of the lucky few to get one before they ran out.)

David O’Connel

Man and Troll

Meredith Gran

Octopus Pie Vol.1

Nicola Stuart

Thank Goodness for Herald Owlett Vol.1
(came in an awesome handpainted envelope with a free colour sketch inside!)

Mark Ellerby

Chloe Noonan: Monster Hunter

James Turner

Beaver and Steve Vol.2: The Owl of Regret

Daniel Merlin Goodbrey

All Knowledge is strange

Sarah McIntyre and David O’Connel


Kelly Hernandez

Daytripper No.1
Lowborn No.1

Luke Toomey

The Secret Origin of Shark Attack Three
(a free comic and CD!)

Woodrow Phoenix

Count Milkula

R. Stevens

How I Blew my Thursday Night
(I gave R. Stevens a bacon scented Mini-Comic, this fullfils a long held ambition of mine.)


Kate said...

I am so going to make it to the Thing next year (is it annual?) Paul went several years back and said it was the best con he'd been to. Maybe ever.
P.S. Bacon-flavour! :D

Leeann H said...

Must've been really cool there. :D I ought to go someday...