Thursday, 27 September 2007

Evangelion news round up

And now some news about that whole Evangelion: Rebuild thing, well new to me.

Apparently you can briefly see one of Rei's nipples in the new film, many people seems inordinately excited about this, it's probably the main box office draw at the moment. Expect the film to be released as Evangelion: Rei's Nipple in the west

As a special cinema promotion you can pick up the Pole dancing Rei cup! On the outside I'm mocking but inside I really want one!

This teaser poster for the second film features the new character, well parts of her. Surely having a new female character to introduce will take some precious screen time away from Asuka, and thus induce mass rioting.

What could be more awesome than this? well these. But more awesome still are these

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Zak said...

Have you checked out Gurren Lagann yet? It's Gainax's latest big thing and it's awesomeness distilled! It has a few to many cliched anime conventions for my liking but still, very cool!